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Take Note: 3 Things Ladies Only Do When They Have Feelings For You

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It is natural to fall in love with someone. Falling in love is one of the best thing that can happen to someone. At a particular point in time, there would be that one person who you would wish could stay with you for the rest of your life.

Girls are very fragile creatures. They are easy to break, and don't know how to hide their feelings when they are in love with someone. Even though they might not say it with their mouth, one would see it in their behaviour and the way they act towards someone they love. Some of the things girls will only do when they have feelings for a guy are:

1. Create Quality Time For You

As you can see, I didn't just say TIME, I said QUALITY TIME. A girl will create times that worth it for you if she truly has feelings for you. Girls generally don't like to spend time with just any guy except they have a thing for her.

2. Don't Care If People See You Together

This is another thing that ladies are always careful of. If a lady doesn't love you, she wouldn't want to be seen with you often.

She would keep some distance from you, and if she would even be around you, it's just in a hidden place without staying for too long.

3. Introduce You To Her Intimate Friends

Lastly for today is that, a girl who doesn't love you won't introduce you to her friends, not to talk of the intimate ones.

She would prefer to just talk to you when she is alone and when her friends come around, she leaves you stranded rather than introduce you to them.

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