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The Couple That Died After Getting Married, See What Happened To The Suspects

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It's always stressful to be involved in a car crash, but even worse when the driver of the other car turns it into a car crash by driving away from the accident scene.

An article was circulated on the Facebook social media platform, which aims to inform the public about daily news, both locally and globally.

The pregnant woman and husband were buried at the PTI Conference Centre, who were crushed to death by an insistent hit and run driver.

These couples recently married only a few weeks ago to be struck by a careless conductor who didn't bother to take them to the hospital, but ran away.

After a car crash, the responsible drivers stop collecting information, report the accident to the police and, if necessary, call for medical assistance.

The country's population continually calls on the State to help the police solve this problem, because the situation appears to collapse and the problem is out of reach. Following a dispute two days ago between family members, the victims were sadly buried yesterday in Udu cement.

The suspects ran away after they knocked them down.

May the grace of God rest on the souls of the faithful in peace, because there is no one who deserves to die like that; this is why the world's rest is surprised. The police will have to take the suspect as the investigations are ongoing and we can expect the police to update it.

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