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The Trending Photo Shared By Nnamdi Kanu On May 24th 2021 Didn't Happen In Nigeria

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A popular news platform called Sahara Reporters, has made some research on a particular picture shared by Nnamdi Kanu. On May 24th 2021, Nnamdi Kanu shared a picture on his twitter page showing men with guns, and they were moving freely in broad daylight. 

According to Kanu, he said that those men were part of a terrorist group called ISWAP. According to him, he said that Fulani boys were chilling in public with rifles, and they were teaching other Fulani men.

According to him, he said that no police or airstrike was disturbing them but in Igbo land, IPOB members are being killed at sight. According to Sahara reports, they have made some research and they found out that the picture has nothing to do with ISWAP.

According to them, they said that the photo was taken in a particular place in Mali by a group. They said that the insurgents caught three criminals, and their hands were removed.

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