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Their God Changes The Path Of Our Rockets In Mid-Air - A Terrorist Reveals About Israel

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A Palestinian soldier has revealed why they missed most of their targets on Israel during the Israel-Palestine war. The soldier said that they noticed that the God of Israel changes the course of their rockets when they fire it against Israel.

"Their God changes the path of our rockets in mid-air", said the fighter. This is a miracle. The newspaper below is one of the many that has happened in times past. This newspaper revealed why the Israel nation seem undefeatable.

This sounded weird but that is similar to one of the miraculous ways God has saved the Nation of Israel during their past wars. There has been cases where their enemies said that they saw some angelic beings dressed in white apparel fighting for the Israelites

However, the recent war that claimed so many lives was brought to a halt on Thursday by the Israelites. Their prime minister Mr Natanyahu announced the ceasefire yesterday to avoid further loss of lives and properties among the two nations. 

The Palestinians were seen jubilating over the announcement as they thanked God for bringing an end to the war that almost claimed their lives, properties and land.