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They Attacked Our Capital, Sent Missiles to Our City, They Pay Heavily For It - PM Of Israel Says

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The violence in the middle East between Israel and the Hamas Terrorists is still ongoing. With the Israeli Defense Forces updating the world frequently as regards the current happenings and the advances made by the Military might of Israel towards the terrorists.

Though many Arabs and people of the world are condemning the action of the Israeli Forces on the grounds that the airstrikes of Israel is killing innocent civilians, it appears the Prime Minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu is not shaken by any of those agitations. Barely 30minutes ago, the Prime minister tweeted about the situation, he not only thanked the leaders of the various countries that are solidly behind the country's defensive strike against the terrorist but also revealed what the terrorists did to them.

Below are screenshots of his recent tweets about the situation/crisis ongoing in the country;

As you can see in the above screenshot, the prime minister of Israel is still maintaining his grounds and determined to protect the citizens of the country. He is promising the terrorists that they will pay a heavy price for what they did to Israel.

These are strong words from the prime minister; let's just keep following the issue while still praying for the innocent women and children dwelling in Gaza city.