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Video: See How Cambodian Army Handled A Nigerian Man For Resisting Arrest As He Shouts In Pains

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Crime a great singer, late Lucky Dube of beautiful memories sang about that it doesn't pay. Yet everyday you find many still indulging in criminal acts and you begin to wonder what exactly is the lasting and only solution to making them stop this behaviour. I am still in disbelief of how some people, would travel out of their country to another man's land and still be perpetrating in wicked acts.

Nigerians who leave Nigeria with a different motive beyond all that they have told people they were going for, often end up losing their lives in process. The level of dehumanization some Nigerians go through, in the hands of their host countries is so sad, simply because of what they have heard, read or experienced in the hands of Nigerians but when they come into Nigeria, they treated like Kings and are so honoured, unlike when Nigerians are in their country.

In a trending video I came across April 30,2021 is that of a Nigerian Igbo man, who was seen pinned to the ground by some over four Cambodia Army officers. As at the time of this report, no one could give detailed reason why he's been arrested and dehumanized in that manner. Instead him obeying them also, he was seen struggling with them and resisting to be arrested.

At a point while on the floor, he was seen kicking one of the uniform men, who had pinned his leg to the ground. After a while, one of the uniform men was seen spraying some substance to his legs, I guess they substances to weaken him in other to enable them arrest. It was after this spraying of substance at his legs, they were able to handcuffed him in a disfigured man. His arm was twisted in an unpleasant manner, that made him shout.

He was seen rebuking a fellow Igbo man, who was telling him to stop struggling with them, that he is the cause for his arrest and that one says "how am I the reason? He said to the officers, that now that they have succeeded in handcuffing him, then let's see how they would move him from there to their station. And his fellow Igbo man says to him, that he's disgracing himself and has attracted neighbours who had trooped out, to watch him being dehumanized and disgraced.

What could be wrong exactly with him? Cambodia is located in Asia. Is this place befitting for Nigerians to travel to?

Watch the video here

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