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When a lady falls in love with you, she will start asking you these questions

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Most times, before falling in love with someone, ladies want to know how honest the guy is. 

Girls are frequently unsure about who they will fall in love with because they are terrified of heartbreak. Girls may desire to be with a man who will love and care for them at all times. 

Girls don't just choose men based on the physical traits they see in them; they also ask technical questions to help them make the best decision.

 It's always a good idea for a man to be aware of the kind of inquiries that a woman may ask. 

Furthermore, it is strongly advised that you answer those questions correctly.

What kinds of questions might a female ask you when she first falls in love with you?

1. A girl may ask you if you have a girlfriend. In the majority of cases, some females do not react to this question in a straightforward manner. She might ask this question in a funny way.

2. A woman may develop feelings for you and want to enter into a courtship with you, but she will need to know why your previous courtship ended. She might question about the end of your last relationship.

3. If a girl falls in love with you, she'll want to know your likes and dislikes.

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