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Wonderful! Meet Old Lady That Helps Women Get Pregnant By Massaging Their Wombs [Watch Video]

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BBC News had an interview with a Woman that uses massage to help ladies conceive, she is known as Mama Mary. 

A Woman that identified herself as Stella said she went to visit Mama Mary for a womb massage, so as to enable her get pregnant and give birth. She said the massage is actually very good, just that alot of people do not know about it yet. She has been able to concieve with her help of this massage, that's why she came back so as to enable her get pregnant again.

When she went to meet the womb massager, the Woman told her that her womb wasn't in the right position, so she had to move the womb to the right place. She normally fix the womb with the use of rob, she does this through the private parts.

Mama Mary said she has to use her hands on the private part, so as to properly balance the womb in the right position towards pregnancy. Mama Mary makes use of her hands with water and Vaseline, to massage the womb of these women. A lot of women testified to getting pregnant after being massaged by mama Mary, even though the procedure is painful.

Another Lady identified as Emmanuella also helps mama to massage the Women, it doesn't matter the age, they still conceive. It is said that the position of a woman's womb, will determine if she'll be able to get pregnant or not because, sometimes some wombs are upside down and not straight.

This is the reason why women that are ready to get pregnant are advised to first of all go and do a scan, so as to determine if their Wombs are in a good position for pregnancy.