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You asked me to be your wife in August and I said yes - Fiancee of Flight Lt Asaniyi pays Tribute in Tears

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The fiancee of Flight Lieutenant Taiwo Olufemi Asaniyi who died in the NAF aircraft crash that happened in Kaduna State on Friday, along with the serving Chief of Army Staff, Ibrahim Attahiru has paid tribute to the deceased.

In what she said in the tweet she wrote, she made it known that the deceased asked her to marry him last year August and she gave him a resounding yes. Bunmi said whenever she makes her hair, her deceased boyfriend will hype her and call her fine girl and also do call her the most beautiful woman in the world.

She said she has cried several times after the death of the flight lieutenant got to her but, James and Kamal have told her he won't want her to be sad and whenever she is crying before, her boyfriend will be like "What's the meaning of this ?"

She further said that when Flight Lieutenant Taiwo Asaniyi was alive, he do treat her like they have already married, as she urged people to prayed for the deceased, his family and herself.