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4 ways men attract girls without saying anything

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1. The majority of men entice women by simply looking their best. It goes without saying that women are easily attracted by what they see. As a male, you should be aware that women are pulled to you as you get dressed and present yourself in a pleasant manner.

2. The majority of men attract women by being amusing. Girls are frequently drawn to men who can make them happy. In most cases, money is ineffective in resolving this issue. The most practical way to do this is if you have a good sense of humor. A woman's love for a person who makes them snort with amusing comments will grow quickly.

3. Occasionally, men attract women by expressing concern for their mothers. Most women are easily seduced by men who look after their mothers. Some women assume that if a man is responsible enough to care for his mother, he can also care for her.

4. If he is always smiling. In most cases, putting on a grin on your face is always a good idea. Ladies normally like people who aren't too tight, which is why women are afraid of guys who are excessively critical or who have a hard time smiling.

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