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8 Ways Some Girls Test A Guy Before Falling For Him

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I understand that this may appear to some men to be very untrue, but most girls do check males before agreeing to date them, whether consciously or unconsciously. 

They do this to ensure that they are not making a mistake by jumping into a date with a random stranger. 

They've most likely had completely disastrous and poisonous relationships in the past, and they need to be certain they don't find themselves in such a situation again.

Others scrutinize men just to determine their level of patience and to verify that they aren't just any other random guy who wants a taste of their cookies or sexually or emotionally exploits them. They recognize that a large percentage of guys available only attract girls in order to get them laid and then leave them behind once they're done with her.

However, as a guy, you must pay great attention to the time since there can be a significant difference between when a female is testing you out and when she is simply not interested in whatever it is that you have to offer. With that said, here are some signs that the lady you're chasing is sizing you up.

1] She takes a long time to respond to your messages.

Sometimes, girls do this intentionally just to know how you will react or what you will say.

2] She accepts your invitation but fails to show up.

This one can be tricky, though, because it's usually used by girls who aren't interested in you. However, a lady who is trying out for you would genuinely phone you to apologize and explain why she was unable to attend your invitation due to her fabricated circumstances. 

3] She Pretends to Be Sick.

Most women will pretend as though they aren't feeling well in order to gauge your level of concern and empathy for others. 

4] She gathers her friends to surround you.

If you're chasing a lady and she comes to you with her friends most of the time, she's told her friends about you and they're there to help her get access to you. It's possible that she likes you, but she's afraid of making the same mistakes she's made in previous relationships. In these circumstances, you should make an effort to be friendly with her friends.

5] She may be interested in how you interact with people.

6] She may act in a rude manner just to know how you can control your anger.

7] She requests your assistance.

8] She Inquires about Your Past Relationships.

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