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Abacha Died With Foam In His Mouth And A Swollen Heart, Just Like MKO Abiola - Former CSO Reveals

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In two days, it will be exactly 23 years since former military head of state, Sani Abacha died in office.

The details of his death, what happened thereafter, and how the country quickly recovered from his death were not made public, until today.

Leadership News interviewed the once-powerful Chief Security Officer of Abacha, Major Hamza Al-Mustapha to get the details of what happened to the former head of state. 

The Former CSO first of all praised the government of Abacha and mentioned how he signed policies that significantly improved the economy of Nigeria that was struggling at the time.

He commended the Abacha Administration for all the policies implemented that took Nigeria to a new level. 

The interviewer moved to the main topic of the discussion and asked how the former head of state spent his final moments.

Hamza recalled that Abacha died seating on his chair with his cap next to him and his mouth foaming.

He was gasping for air and his heart was swollen, just like what happened to MKO Abiola before he died.

Photo Credit: Vanguard News

He stated that the former head of state had been busy throughout the morning until around 4 am.

The former CSO said that he had an appointment that morning but he couldn't make it after he received the news. He went to confirm what was going on and when he got to the office, he saw the head of state on his seat, dead in the office.

He stated that he thought of how he would save himself and Abacha while also thinking about how the country would be safe from the news.

He called two physicians who tried to resuscitate the general but nothing could be done to revive him. After accessing the situation, he began to make tough decisions to ensure that everyone remained safe.

He requested that his family and Abacha's family be moved to Kano while he handled the situation. He summoned many top military officers, told them about the incident, and relayed information on how to manage the situation.

Everything went according to the plan of the former CSO. The body was discretely moved to Kano and the generals moved in and out without much suspicion.

He stated that the military officers and the kingmakers decided not to chose any one from the inner caucus to lead the country and instead, chose Abdusalam Abubakar whose tenure was the last before the government transitioned to a democratic government.