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Cuppy finally reveals the truth about her relationship Broda Shaggi

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Cuppy finally speaks about the dating rumors between her and Broda Shaggi. 

A fan of Florence Otedola on Instagram asked her to share more light on her relationship with Instagram skit maker BrodaShaggi if they ever dated.

Cuppy, responding to the question, said No, they never dated but Shaggi, is just a friend, and they respect each other.

Cuppy’s statement got many people talking on social media. The first talking point from her statement was the outright no answer. There was no playing around. It was so straight. 

The second talking point was we are just friends. No single feelings or anything. 

Some fans were of the opinion Cuppy like light skin guys. All her Exes are all light skin, so no room for Brodashaggi. 

The fourth talking point was her saying they respect each other. 

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