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Faith Oyedepo Urges Mothers Not To Wait For Their Husbands To Take Action (details)

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Wife of Bishop David Oyedepo has sent a message to women everywhere, urging them not to wait for their husbands to take action. In a tweet, she reminded them that the great women of the Bible did not fold their hands and wait for their husbands to take action, but rather they stood in their place as real mothers.

I am guessing that this message concerns the spiritual atmosphere of the home. You see, the husband has been designated by God, as the spiritual leader of the house, and the wife assists him. However, there might be times when the husband is either too slow, or too spiritually insensitive to recognize a threat, and do the needful to attack it spiritually; which is where the wife should come in as a spiritual authority like the Bishop's wife advised.

Multiple biblical examples quickly come to mind when I think of spiritually insensitive husbands, whose wives had to take responsibility instead of waiting for their husbands to act. Abigail, for example, did not wait for her husband to recognize his mistake and apologize to David. Instead, once she heard what he did, she immediately set out to make things right, and by her actions, she adverted what could have been mass murder. Also, the woman whom the Prophet Elisha raised her child to life in the book of 2 Kings; when she told her husband that she was going to see the Prophet to report the case of the dead child, her husband even discouraged her. She could have opted to stay and wait for her husband to go with her, or she could have tried to convince her husband, but by her prompt action, she was able to get her son raised to life again.

The bottom line is that once it concerns a spiritual threat in the home, you don't need to wait for your husband, who is the spiritual head of the home to act; you can immediately take action once you sense the threat. In fact, your seriousness could even spur your husband into action as well. You can begin to tackle the situation by your fastings, prayers and praise, thereby enforcing the victory that is already yours.