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Go & Find Something To Do For Yourself, Being A Pastor Is Not For You-Indaboski Blasts Fellow Pastor [Watch Video]

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Prophet Odumeje is a popular Nigerian pastor from Anambra state of Nigeria. Odumeje is popularly known as Indaboski Pahose, the iron metal.

 In a recent video, he mocked a fellow pastor who he says preaches like a homosexual. Although he didn't mention the name of the pastor he was referring to, but he mocked the pastor.

According to him, he said the pastor preaches like a homosexual and also acts like a woman while preaching, he said his members will be praising him because he talks slowly. But what kind of nonsense is that? How can a pastor who's a man be preaching in the altar of God like a woman, is he homosexual?.

Indaboski concluded the speech by telling him to get out, he should go and find something to do for himself instead of claiming to be a pastor. Till now, I don't know who he was talking about because he never mentioned the name of the pastor, but the way he was talking about the pastor, and the way he was mimicking him was very funny.

But, even if the pastor he was referring to, is behaving like a woman while preaching, that doesn't disqualify him from being a pastor. He didn't create himself, and we all know he's not doing it intentionally. He may be a true man of God who was truly called by God. What do you think about this? Like, share and follow me up.