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How A Trailer From The North Fully-Loaded With Onion Was Hijacked And Looted In Imo State [Watch Video]

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It was a sad day in Imo state as the former presidential aide, Ahmed Gulak was murdered in the state by unknown men. This morning again following the Twitter trends, some people have done something rash that is among one of the trending news on Twitter.

A trailer loaded with onion was hijacked and looted in Imo state by some people who took advantage of the security issues in the State. It was sad that some people didn't think of what their actions could cause another person's livelihood by hijacking and looting another man's business.

If the owner or owners of the fully-loaded truck gets to hear what happened to the onion that was sent to the east, what do you think will happen to the emotions of these people?

What if the money the owner or owners of the onion will realize from the commodity will be used to meet some major expenses in his or her family? These are all the things one should consider before reaching havoc on someone's business or livelihood.

Watch the video here and see for yourself how it all played out.

The golden rule states, do unto others what you will want them to do unto you which implies that we should treat people the way we want them to treat us.

One question I will like to ask those that looted the truck loaded with onion and those supporting them is thus if the same thing happened to their source of livelihood and business, will they be happy?

Dear readers, what do you think about the wicked attitude of the people that looted the trailer loaded with onion in Imo State?