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I Was Kidnapped At Long Bridge Along Lagos-Ibadan Expressway By Herdsmen Who Demanded N50m - Mr Ahmed

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A driver has narrated his experience at the hands of kidnappers who demanded an unrealistic ransom from his family. Speaking to Punch Newspapers, he spoke about the circumstances surrounding his kidnap and how much his sister paid to secure his freedom a day after his abduction.

Mr Adepoju Ahmed who says that he lives in Ibadan narrates how the whole incidence happened. According to him, he left his house on 5th of March 2021 and he was headed for Berger bridge, Lagos when his car broke down at Long bridge along Lagos-Ibadan expressway. The 5 of them in the vehicle tried to push the vehicle in order to pack well and that was when the kidnappers came out.

The kidnappers who were eight in number were hiding under the bridge and they came out at that moment with cutlasses, knives and other weapons. They started running and about 5 followed him and kidnapped him. They took the N70,000 he had with him and took him into the bush where their hideout was. He was asked to call anyone who would pay the ransom to the kidnappers. When he mentioned a name, they asked him if the person can afford to pay N50m.

He himself was surprised and told them that the money was not realistic. They threatened to kill him at which point he began begging them. After speaking with his sister, the kidnappers agreed to take a lesser amount of money. He was letter released after his sister paid the sum of about N300,000 to the kidnappers. After his release, he went to a police station where he picked up his car.

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