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Inspector general of police bans the use of Tinted glasses on cars

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It is no doubt that insecurity has nearly brought the nation to it's knees. The speed at which the nation is heading towards instability is very disturbing.

As such, there have been calls by many for the president to act decisively and take actions that would put a stop to the spilling of blood and destruction of properties that are now becoming normal and part of our society.

The president has been very responsive recently to security challenges of the country and has shown in his decisions, his resolve to rid the country off criminal elements.

As part of his new policies, the inspector general of police has banned the use of tinted screens on cars from today hence forth.

He made this known during a dialogue in Abuja with security chiefs and stakeholders. The IG however reiterated that the ban on road blocks will still stand regardless of the security situation in the country.

It would be recalled that the president had convened a meeting with the service chiefs some weeks ago, during which period, a new security policy was approved for the southeast and Nigeria at large.

The decision to ban tinted glasses would not come as a surprise to many, as the details of the plan were not revealed to the public.