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Northern Groups Reply Ohaneze, Says North Cannot Be Fooled Again Over Biafran Agitation In The East

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A union of many northern groups under the umbrella of the Coalition of Northern Groups (CNG) has now sent a strong worded message to the Ohaneze Ndigbo concerning the issue of secessionistic activities in the southeast, stating that such activities were made with the intention of fooling the nation. 

The coalition also declared that the northern part of the country would no longer be fooled by the antics of the secessionists again.

The CNG also berated Ohaneze, reminding them that the secessionists can fool some, but not all can be fooled or deceived by their antics.

Officials of the Coalition of Northern Groups

In a public statement released by the spokesman for the CNG, Abdul-Azeez Suleman, the coalition accused Ohaneze of subtly backing some of the activities of the secessionists in the southeast, stating that Ohaneze's recent attempt to seclude itself from the violence and carnage in the east was the highest form of hypocrisy. The CNG wondered why the apex Igbo socio-cultural group was relatively silent while Nigerians from the northern part of the country were according to the group, continually harassed, targeted and gruesomely murdered in the east, with many of their properties destroyed in the process.

According to the coalition, the Igbo group was also conspiratorially silent when a prominent northerner, Ahmed Gulak was gruesomely murdered on the streets of the southeast by miscreants suspected to be from the militia group of IPOB and the Eastern Security Network.

The coalition lamented that since the onset of 2017, many northerners have been been at the receiving end of attacks launched by individuals it described as being terrorists. It however lamented that these attacks on northerners in the East were largely underreported by the southern media because of the existence of some bias when issues affecting the northern part of the country come up.

At the end of its message to the Ohaneze, the CNG declared that the northern part of the country would no longer remain silent or passive in the face of something it described as a deliberate attack on Northerners.

Indeed, this strong worded message from the Coalition of Northern Groups to the Ohaneze Ndigbo is coming at a time when tension in the southeast has increased over the activities of IPOB and other secessionistic groups in the region. In less than three months, a worrying number of security operatives have been targeted and killed in attacks launched by suspected operatives of the secessionistic groups.

Also, many northerners have been caught in the middle of the carnage and have lost their lives as a result of the activities of suspected members of the groups, hence the new statement from the Coalition of Northern Groups, aimed at condemning the perceived silence from Ohaneze Ndigbo, a socio-cultural group saddled with the responsibility of leading and speaking for the Igbo.

What are your personal thoughts and opinions with regards to this new message from the northern groups? Do you think that there is a deliberate attempt by secessionists to target attacks on northerners in the southeast? Also, do you think the Ohaneze Ndigbo has not been vocal or reactive enough to the carnage currently being experienced in the southeast? Could they have done better in ensuring that the lives and properties of northerners and indeed Nigerians from other parts of the country are well secured in the East?

Please tell us below.

Credit: Punch Newspapers