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Okotie Is The Fake Pastor, Not Prophet T. B. Joshua - An Evangelist Fumes Over Okotie's Post [Watch Video]

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Senior Evangelist Mabiaku Omasan, the Delta-based founder of The House of Prayer Church of All Nations, was shown in a video he posted on the microblogging platform on June 8, 2021, angrily engaging Chris Okotie in a war of words over his post which he allegedly referenced the late man of God, Prophet T. B. Joshua as the wizard of Endor.

During his life - time, the late Prophet T. B. Joshua seemed to have a significant impact on the pioneer of The House of Prayer Church of All Nations, just as he did on the lives of so many others, which is likely what prompted his outrage over Pastor Chris Okotie's post against the late highly regarded man of God, Prophet T. B. Joshua.

According to Evangelist Mabiaku Omasan, who claimed to be enraged at Pastor Chris Okotie's Facebook post for hating and speaking ill of another Pastor, even after his death. Pastor Chris Okotie, he claimed, was just jealous of what God was using Pastor T. B. Joshua to do while he was still alive. Evangelist Mabiaku inquired as to how many individuals Pastor Chris Okotie had aided, but he should not bring himself down to the level of criticize a man of God who had aided many poor people.

He said that Pastor Chris Okotie had assisted no one in his life, yet he was judgmental of the man who had spent millions of dollars to help the impoverished. He fiercely rebuked Okotie for his ugly behavior concerning the late famous man of God, claiming that he didn't conduct himself like a product of Delta State.

He further allegedly claimed that every time Pastor Chris Okotie took his cocaine, he would go on social media and start acting out. He also affirmed to be a product of the revered man of God, Pastor T. B. Joshua, and as such, he was not fake, but Pastor Chris Okotie has been the fake Pastor here. He added that never would you see Muslim disgracing themselves, but same could not be heard by Christian pastors.

You may recall that Pastor Chris Okotie posted a strange message on Facebook a few days ago in which he referred to someone as the "wizard of Endor," which many assumed was the late Prophet T. B. Joshua.

Watch video of this evangelist engaging Pastor Chris Okotie on a war of words on Facebook below;