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Once You Start Noticing These 12 Signs In Your Body, Please Go For An HIV Test

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All over the world today, millions of people die from HIV/AIDs disease, according to the World Health Organization(WHO).

 This HIV, also known as Human immunodeficiency syndrome, is a virus that attacks the body's immune system and prevents it from fighting against diseases, according to Wikipedia. 

If HIV disease is not very well treated on time by the victim, it will eventually lead to AIDs, which is even more deadly. People with HIV are usually avoided by others in the society in order not to contact the disease.

But Its so unfortunate that, so many people around the globe today, are living with this deadly virus without even knowing it. I mean, HIV is easily transmitted from one person to another through so many ways. For example, through intercourse, by coming in contact with infected blood, by sharing the same razor blade, same clipper, scissors and other objects. That's why everyone ought to be at alert against HIV in order not to fall victim.

Because when you do contact it, you'll spend a lot of money buying drugs, visiting hospitals and treating yourself. And the money could have been invested in something better. However, there are a lot of signs your body is going to give you if indeed you have HIV. Please if you notice any of the following signs in your body, it is very important that you go for a test or a medical check up. So that you would know if you are HIV positive or not, and not infect others. See some of the signs and symptoms of HIV below;

1. Rashes on your skin, especially on your back, neck and chest.

2. Loss of appetite and inability to feel hungry.

3. Dry and sore throat and mouth ulcer.

4. Sweating at night while in bed even when there is fan or Air condition.

5. Vomiting.

6. Pain in your abdomen and also in your joints.

7. Difficulty and pain while swallowing food.

8. Boils in your armpit.

9. Fatigue and tiredness even without doing anything.

10. Constant painful and frequent headaches.

11. Fever accompanied by muscle pain and acnes.

12. Boils in your neck.

Thanks for reading. Please go for an HIV Test if you keep noticing most of these above signs on your body. Share this article to save a life as well. Don't forget to follow me for more useful health tips and interesting updates!!!