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OPINION: South-East Should Be On Alert After Chairman Of Security Outfit, Ebubeagu's Resignation

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The southeast region has continued to be hit with different strokes as the insecurity in the region keeps increasing by the day.

Just as the police is winning the war against the deadly gunmen in the region, the security apparatus that was formed in the southeast to aid the functions of the security agencies is facing troubling times as the chairman and founding leader of the group, Major General Obi Abel Umahi (rtd) has just tendered his resignation as leader of the group which was formed on August 31, 2019.

The shocking announcement comes even as the governors of the region have promised to strengthen the group by arming them to wade off the excesses of the gunmen in the region.

In a letter dated June 4th, 2021, the retired army general noted that he had chaired a 21-man Committee that was set up to draft a legal framework for the SE Security outfit. 

He stated also, that the committee was composed of members of the South East Security committee, which includes the Attorney generals of the five southeastern states and some prominent Igbo sons and daughters. 

Umahi added that he was ready to resign as chairman but promised to heed the calls of the elders of the region if he is called upon to help in any way.

Although he did not give enough reasons for his resignation, it is not out of place to mention that the lack of focus of the group and the deadly firepower of the gunmen may be the cause here.

Recall ever since the clashes started in the region, the Ebubeagu group has never been heard to engage the gunmen. Even with Umahi still leading the group, the level of insecurity in the region had risen to an alarming state.

His resignation is bound to cause some crises in the ranks of the security outfit and the region is advised to be on red alert as trouble makers may use this opportunity to foment trouble at a larger scale.

The Ohanaeze had recently, cried out that the southeast has been taken over by the proponents of Biafra which include the ESN, IPOB, and MASSOB.

The group added that this was confirmed as the region had 100% compliance after the secessionist group issued a stay-at-home order on the 30th of May.

Ohanaeze further noted that the only reason the region heeded the order was because of the marginalization the region has faced from the FG thus, making other people look up to the group as the savior instead of the FG.

Another issue of note is the silence of the leaders of the region.

Ever since the clashes and killings started in the region, The 5 southern governors, Senators, house of representatives, and other political appointees in the president's cabinet have not made any useful statements on how to resolve the issues.

Ohanaeze further noted that the FG should, as a matter of fact, relocate all the federal appointees in the president's cabinet and also, all APC leaders of Southeastern Nigeria, especially those that are residing outside the region, to come back home immediately to help in solving the crisis in the region or be disengaged from the position they are occupying.

It is quite a pity that General Umahi had to resign his position but this is a signal which the Igbo elites should not take for granted.