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Pastor Chris Oyakhilome Releases A New Prophecy For The Month Of June 2021

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President of Love World Incorporated, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome has unveiled to all members of his church and friends and partners of his ministry, what they should they should do in the month of June 2021. 

While Speaking at the Global Communion Service, which holds monthly and is broadcast across the world to all followers of the ministry, Pastor Chris declared the month of June as the Month of Prayer. 

Here is everything Pastor Chris Oyakhilome said in the video:

"I'm sure you already know that this month of June is the month of prayer. Every year, June for us is the month of prayer and we will give time to prayer. It's not a preaching about prayer or explanation of prayer. It's a month in which we will pray, not discussing prayer but actually pray. 

When you read the Bible, it gives us an account in the book of Esther, chapter 3 to 4, an amazing situation arose and the Bible tell us there was a man who was wealthy and he was close to the reigns of power. 

He was close to the king and had influence with the king. For some reason as the Bible tells us, he hated the Jews and he wanted them exterminated and he presented a proposal to the king.

 The king told him to do whatever he wanted to do to the Jews, and they drafted the decree of elimination of all the Jews.

 The writings had been signed for their elimination, a date had been proposed and the people of God cried bitterly, fasted. All they could do was to call on God and their situation changed drastically. So, this month of June is the month of prayer and we will give time to prayer."