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Please if you are in Imo State, take the following advice for security reasons

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The level of insecurity in Imo State is already getting out of hand. Lives and properties are no longer safe in the State due to incessant gunfire. 

I am not in Imo but the News that keeps coming from there usually breaks my heart. People are dying, properties are being destroyed. 

Even though the Government is working tirelessly to ensure that those perpetrating the acts are brought to book, it is important we protect ourselves against the insurgents.

Just in the late hours of Tuesday, there was a gun battle between the ESN and the security operatives.

Armoured cars and patrol vehicles were reportedly set ablaze. 

When this happens, it is the innocent souls around the environs that would suffer. Remember the adage that says "When two elephants fight, it is the ground that suffers". 

To protect yourself against unforeseen havoc, please take the following precautions. 

1. If you can't stop going out, please minimize the level at which you move about. I pray you should not be a victim of stray bullets. 

2. If you are close to the camps of the ESN, you can try to relocate from there since they are the target.

3. Avoid anything that looks like a weapon so that you don't fall into the hands of the Army and Police officers. By law, if you are caught with any weapon, you become a prime suspect, so try to avoid those things.

4. Run into any hideout each time you hear a gunshot. Please don't form the habit of coming out to see who is shooting at the other. 

5. If going to work would put your life in danger, please take a break for now until your place gets safer before thinking of that. Your life is more important than anything else.

I pray that at the end, God would see us through. None of us shall be consumed in the name of Jesus.