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Popular actor shares an adorable video of himself with his mum whom he had missed so much

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Mothers are considered deities by many people and this is because of the love, care, and sacrifices they shower on their children. When a woman shows love and takes care of her children when they are young, they will love, adore and take care of her when she is old.

Social media is a medium of expression and many people take advantage of it by showing off their lifestyle. Veteran actor, Femi Branch shared a video of himself with his mum, it was so adorable that celebrities and fans reacted with lovely emojis.

Femi recently celebrated his 51st birthday, his mum is aged but Femi's love for her remains fresh as he called her his baby. He held her lovingly, he hugged her tightly, kissed her and he said it is because they have missed each other pretty much.

This isn't something new, Femi said it is a normal ritual for them to show each other so much love. One of his fans was so touched by the video that he said he shed tears while watching it.