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Reactions As Self Acclaimed Transgender, Meghan Margiela Shares Adorable New Photos

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Meghan Margiela, the self Acclaimed transgender has left a lot of people talking, after she posted a photo of herself in a revealing outfit, showing off some part of her body.

Meghan Margiela is a black American, who underwent surgery to get her body done to transform into a beautiful young lady.

Meghan Margiela used to be a handsome boy, who changed himself into a beautiful girl. Anyone who sees the photos she posted may not believe she used to be a boy if you don't know about her story.

The word transgender refers to gender transformation, which a lot of people go through to change from the initial gender given to them from birth.

Meghan is a slay queen, and a fashionista who likes fashion, her fashion sense is top notch and she can never stop showing off her body transformation.

Technology has given a lot of people, the opportunity to build their self-esteem through transgender, some people go for whatever they want to gain their self-esteem.

Meghan is a type of lady, that is very proud of the woman she has become, she doesn't allow any social media trolls to come to get her, she has always used any opportunity to tell about how she was a boy and later had her body done to be a girl.