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Read What The Woman Who Got Married To The 'Holy Spirit' Did After Her Wedding Ceremony

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An unusual event happened recently in Kenya, a wife and mother of six children, Elizabeth Nalem decided to let go of her 20 years marriage and her six children to marry the 'Holy Spirit'. It was one of a kind thing people had not seen before.

She was however supported by her husband who brought 22 cows and 15 goats for the bride price. The weeding took place in west pokot county in Kenya. It was gathered that the priest who officiated the wedding ceremony was suspended.

After the wedding ceremony, Elizabeth Nalem who is 41 years old went missing for several days and later returned home. According to her she ran away from home because her husband asked her bridesmaid who accomplished her home to leave, as she expected her bridesmaid would spend the night at her house.

Her husband Nalem said he doesn't understand what is disturbing his wife that she had to leave him to care for their six children alone. Adding that his wife's decision to marry the 'Holy Spirit' has deeply affected him. He also said although he doesn't go to church he allowed his wife to attend church before she began weird prayer pattern and later left his house.

Elizabeth who spoke with the press said God called her to preach the gospel of Christ, this made her close her hotel business to avoid interference with the new assignment. She aside the Holy Spirit had promised her a chopper to help her on spreading the gospel of Christ throughout the world. She assured her husband and children that she didn't abandon them but requested that they let her do the will for God.

Pastor Albert Rumaita of the Anglican Church Makutanothat conducted the wedding ceremony, he said he had no choice but to do what she wanted. Members of the community advised Elizabeth Nalem to not go on with the ceremony but she was adamant. According to an elder in the community, he said it was against their culture to marry something they do not see.

The event has left many people in the community dumbfounded on how she abandoned her husband and six children to marry the 'Holy Spirit', something that has never been heard of before.