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See 5 Reasons Why Nigerians Should Suspend The June 12th 'Buhari Must Go' Protest

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It hasn't even been a year since the EndSARS protest, and Nigerians are already planning a nationwide 'Buhari Must Go Protest.' According to sources, the main reason for the protest is for Buhari to resign. There are numerous demands that protesters will make on June 12. Omoyele Sowele, an activist who was recently shot with a canister in Abuja, is leading this protest.

As a concerned Nigerian, I respectfully request that the demonstration be halted. To be honest, this is a waste of time and energy on something that is not feasible. Let us save our energy for the presidential elections in 2023. Here are five reasons why Nigerians should put a halt to the 'Buhari Must Go' protest on June 12th.

1. Destruction of public social amenities and infrastructure

Everyone saw the outcome of the 'EndSARS' protest. Massive damage was done to government facilities, police station, banks, and schools. If the protest occurs on June 12th, we may witness a similar series of events. The government has not replaced the facilities that were damaged last year. It is unwise to engage in activities that will jeopardize the liberties we enjoy.

2. Hoodlums could hijack the protest and wreck havoc on society

The 'EndSARS' protest began well until hoodlums hijacked it and began killing police officers who are also fathers and husbands to other people. The issue of unidentified gunmen has been lingering for some time. Because of the activities of the unknown gunmen, staging a protest at this time could be extremely dangerous. If the protest goes ahead, many lives could be lost.

3. Buhari was democratically elected, and no amount of agitation can force him to resign. The only thing citizens can do is prepare their voter registration cards for the presidential election in 2023. Instead of going out and protesting against a man who was elected by everyone, we should pray for our country.

4. Some businesses will be ruined as a result of road closures, which will make transportation difficult. This also means that children cannot attend school and traders cannot conduct business on time. Organizing a protest at this critical time is not the way forward.

5. During the previous protest, shops were looted and personal properties were vandalized. If Nigerians continue to protest on June12, there is a chance that people will lose their source of income and livelihood to hoodlums.

For the sake of those who died during the 'EndSARS' protest, let us suspend the 'Buhari Must Go' protest, which is set to begin on June 12th. Please forward this to your family and friends in order to educate them. What are your thoughts on this? God bless Nigeria.