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Only 4 yrs in power (1983-87), Thomas Sankara Built 350 schools, roads, railways without foreign aid. A very productive life that was brutally cut short

If You Think You Are Suffering, Check Out What Life Inside The Kirikiri Maximum Prison Looks Like

3 Things You Probably Didn't Notice When President Buhari Met With The Kankara School Boys

After Adeyemi Killed His Girlfriend To Get Rich, See Throwback Photos Of What Happened To Him

He Had 70 Bank Accounts, 39 Properties, 2 Ferraris, 6 Mercedes-Benz, a Bugatti and Ruled For 42yrs

He is 21 Years Old, She Is 13 Years Old, But They Both Look Like Old Men

This is the only Northern State that has about 80% Christian indigenes and a Christian Governor

Meet The Tribe That Allegedly Feed On Human Being And The Reason Why They Feed On Humans

See The Nigerian Man Who Survived For 3 Days Under The Atlantic Ocean Without Food Before Rescue

3 Years After He Dumped Catholic Church To Marry, See Recent Photos Of Reverend Patrick Edet

Remember the Popular Avatar Princess, Checkout How Beautiful She Looks in Real Life (See Photos)

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