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Is Church Wedding Necessary? Pastor Chris Oyakhilome Answers Crtitical Question [Watch Video]

Lot's Wife's Pillar Of Salt Is Still Standing Till Today, At Mount Sodom [See Photos]

Good Morning: Say Amen to This Prayers Today for God's Blessing

Good Morning: Say This Prayer Today, 27th April 2021

Is Kissing Allowed In A Relationship? - Pastor Chris Oyakhilome answers critical question

Leave That Church If You Notice These Things - Pastor Kumuyi Warns Christians

Read What Oyedepo Said Will Happen To Christians Worldwide Before This Year Runs Out

A wealthy woman mocked me for not performing miracle only to find out dirty secret about her - Adeboye

February Ends Today, Read These Promises Of God Over You And Your Family In March.

Wait! Before You Go Out This Morning Read This Psalm for God's Favour, Just One Psalm and God Will Favour You Today

Say This Prayer Before You Sleep This Night! - 3rd February 2021

Another Powerful Prophecy From Apostle Johnson Suleiman!

Since there Are no churches in Saudi Arabia, this is what Christians do just to Fellowship together

Saturday Declaration: Say Amen to This Short Prayer and Claim Your Blessings

Friday Declaration: Every Dead Situation in Any Area of your Life Shall come Alive, Say Amen to This Prayer (Ez 37:11-14)

Thursday Declaration: Kick Start Your Day With This Prophecy and Say Amen to Claim It

Wednesday Declaration: Brethren Say Amen to This Short Prayer and Claim Your Blessings Today

Tuesday Declarations: Say Amen to This Short Prayer for the Most High to Save You and Your Household

Monday Morning Declarations: Say Amen and See Things Turning Around for You

Open Heaven 24 September 2020 Thursday: THE AGELESS GOD (Daily Declarations and Prayer Point)

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